Teach for OLLI

OLLI@UGA welcomes ideas for new courses and programs. Anyone can suggest a class or presenter to the curriculum committee. Although many of our instructors are professors, presenters DO NOT need previous teaching experience. An individual with a passion to share a hobby or an art or other interest would make an outstanding OLLI presenter! OLLI faculty and students enjoy studying together without the pressure of exams and grades!


"The opportunity to share knowledge by teaching OLLI classes and the feedback that I receive

from attendees are mutually rewarding experiences."

Chuck Murphy - OLLI member and presenter



We are now accepting class proposals for Spring 2023. The online Class Proposal Form can be found here.

Forms will be accepted until October 31


Future Dates

    • Spring 2023: February 6 - June 9
    • Fall 2023: Aug 21 - Dec 15
    • Spring 2024: Feburary 5 - June 8
  • To take a look at previous classes, please visit our course catalog archive.