Course Catalog

Curriculum Catalogs

OLLI@UGA’s Course Catalog describes in detail each class or luncheon and its presenter(s). Topic areas vary from Aging Successfully to Hobbies and Sports to Personal Finance to the Visual Arts and class types include lecture/discussion, hands-on learning, walking tours, luncheon programs and more.  There is truly something for everyone!


In addition to the Course Listings with Descriptions, the Course Catalog can be searched in a variety of ways, including by category, alphabetically, and even by date with our Course Calendar.

Course Calendar.

The Course Catalog also includes a guide to Online Registration, information on parking tags and monthly calendars for the entire semester, plus more. As the classes fill up during the semester, please check our open classes list to see at a glance which classes still have spaces.


Things happen.  Schedules change.  Locations move and life just gets disrupted. Please check the Course Updates page regularly so you don’t miss a thing!