Fall Programs

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Early Fall Classes (August 18- October 16)

Our early Fall Classes run from August 18 to October 16 via Zoom. As we have many more class spots available, there will be class spaces up until the day before so don't worry if you've missed the opening of registration.

Early Fall CATALOG


Late Fall Classes  (October 19-December 11)

 Registration has now opened for late Fall



Unsure how to use Zoom - check out our short "how to" videos on our YouTube channel.




SIGs will not be able to meet in person. Many of out SIGs have moved to meeting online. Check out our communications portal to find which ones are still meeting.




We will keep the committees functioning over this period online. For more information how to join committees at this time, please check out how to join OLLI Comm on our 'How to' page.




Please consider donating any cancelled class fees to OLLI. As we move forward, we will reach out and ask you whether you are able to donate fees or would like a refund.


Please bear with us as we work through this public health crisis. We aim to keep you as engaged as possible through this time of social distancing.