Membership Benefits and Fees


OLLI@UGA is committed to providing its members with a multitude of ways to keep learning and connect socially.

  • Easily participate in online classes via Zoom technology.
  • Meet virtually with like-minded others in Shared Interest Groups (SIGs).
  • Celebrate season events through virtual socials.
  • Take advantage of service opportunities through committees and leadership roles.


"The virtual classes have been a bonus. I get to see and hear my OLLI friends in the online classes."

Rosemary Woodel - OLLI Member


"I enjoy the mental stimulation, the wide range of class topics, and especially the international exposure. It’s been

a real pleasure to engage with members with similar interests."

Navin Patel - OLLI Member


Popular member activities like travel/studies and lunch and learns are on hold but will return as soon as possible.

Additional member benefits include a UGA Libraries card, Student I.D. card to use where discounts offered, and affiliated membership ($25/mo.) at the Ramsey Fitness Center.



MEMBERSHIP - $60/year




• Starting at $12 (fees dependent on length of class, venue, and materials)



• Fees vary by trip
• Day trips to multi-night adventures


• Fees vary by event
• Socials to Dutch-treat lunches to the Holiday Party