The World’s Smallest Airport” is back in town!

Those lucky OLLI members and guests signing up for our luncheon program at Trumps Catering on April 16, 2018 are in for a real treat! Reservations are being taken through April 11. Register online now or contact the office at 706-542-7715,

During the screening and the discussion to follow, you will learn answers to questions you may never before have considered. So we’ll name just four.

1) At what age did the “World’s Youngest Pilot” perform?

2) What three “firsts” did the Thrasher Brothers feature in their air shows?

3) How did the Thrasher Brothers recruit new employees?

4) How did Georgia Bulldog football legend Charley Trippi react when he saw the Thrasher Brothers perform?

Grady Thrasher will present scenes from the documentary he and his wife, Kathy Prescott, produced about the daring and quirky Thrasher Brothers Aerial Circus, created at Athens Ben Epps Airport in 1945 by Grady’s father and two uncles upon returning to their Athens home following World War II service.

For five years until December 1950, the Thrasher Brothers put on weekly shows at airports throughout the eastern United States doing unlikely things with unusual aircraft. They even performed at the 1948 Cleveland Air Races, which at the time was considered the “world series of air shows.” In 1976 the newly opened Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. recognized the Thrasher Brothers for their “exhibition flying” innovations. In 2012, the brothers were posthumously inducted into the International Air Show Hall of Fame.

For a two minute preview of the documentary, visit

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