New Member Information

Supper Club funWelcome to OLLI@UGA, we look forward to getting to know you better. To help make the most of your membership, we have several events throughout the year to let you know more about us, specifically what to expect, how to help, and how our organization works. These events are free to attend and, we hope, will get you engaged with the next generation of learning.

New Member Orientation

The New Member Orientation is perhaps the event most packed with information specifically for new members. When you attend you will have an opportunity to meet fellow new members, learn about our registration and online systems, meet our staff and volunteers, and get a taste of the many components that make up OLLI@UGA. These are held at our primary campus, River’s Crossing, which is located off College Station Road in Athens. There are no more New Member Orientations scheduled at this time, but if you are interested in attending a session, please contact the office.

Lifelong Learning Fair

A biannual event, the Lifelong Learning Fair is held towards the beginning of each of our semesters. This event showcases our committees, community partners, and allows our Shared Interest Group (SIG) leaders introduce themselves. With a little bit more information across the breadth of our program, this is a must for new members. Its free and open to the public so grab a friend that isn’t an OLLI member yet and explore all that we offer. The next fair will be held on January 25 from 1-3pm at the Georgia Square Mall. 

Volunteer Orientation

Our Volunteer Meet-up is a smaller event for those who want to get involved as part of this member-run organization. This is a good chance to find out how the committees operate, what they need and how you can help keep this organization going. Volunteer meet ups are typically scheduled in September and April. Watch the All Around OLLI@UGA page for upcoming dates as they are announced.

Annual Meeting of the Membership

The Annual Meeting of the Membership is an event that is truly just for membership. This is one time of the year where you can get up close and personal with both the outgoing and incoming leadership, hear the State of OLLI@UGA, vote on the slate of nominees, congratulate the recipient(s) of the Carol J. Fisher Legacy award, celebrate our organization’s successes, learn about upcoming plans. The one-hour business meeting is typically followed by a celebration of our volunteers. Members are encouraged to take part in making OLLI@UGA their OLLI.

Membership Picnic/Winter Holiday Party

Each year we host a large membership event. Be it our more casual Members Picnic held at a beautiful local Athens venue, or our Winter Holiday party where you can wear your favorite party dress or suit. These events serve no other purpose than to bring us together to enjoy and celebrate the season and each other. Watch the All Around OLLI@UGA page for upcoming dates as they are announced.

All About OLLI@UGA

Our ‘All About OLLI@UGA class’ is a deeper dive into the operations, governance, and future plans of the organization. This is perfect for those interested in exploring the inner workings of the organization, how they are able to help, and whether leadership would be a good fit for them. Dates are announced in each course catalog and you will register for it as you would a class. Watch the All Around OLLI@UGA page for upcoming dates as they are announced.