Being a Class Host

Being a Class Host 

This short term volunteer opportunity is open to any OLLI@UGA member. The class host serves as the liaison between the presenter and the class & office.  Class hosts communicate with the Presenter, manage the class sign-in sheet, and introduce and thank the Presenter.

There is little technical experience required of a class host. Comfort working with email is necessary as reminders to fellow classmates is one of the tasks necessary to be a class host. Additionally, information from both the office, and presenter to the class will sometimes be requested.

New class hosts and anyone who wants a “refresher” should reach out to the class coordinators to schedule a one-to-one session.

Click here to read the Class Host Cheat Sheet: 10 Steps to Hosting an OLLI@UGA Class

Questions?: Contact Class Host Coordinators, Chris & Toni Jones, or