Host Registration and Where Are the Catalogs?

While we have heard from a few zip codes that catalogs arrived, we are fully aware that several zip codes haven’t been delivered as of yet.

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Catalogs were delivered to the post office with instruction to start delivery on July 3. To combat delays that can occur we proactively try to get them to the post office almost a month ahead of general registration’s opening day. We have confidence that they will arrive in plenty of time for you to choose your classes before registration opens.

We have posted a pdf copy of the catalog on the OLLI website so you can view full class details now and review schedules. Please note pages 60-66 of your printed catalog are wrong – please do not reference those pages however, the online version is correct. Please use the schedules found within the course descriptions to guide you. If you would like you may print a revised schedule to replace the back pages.

We encourage you to check the Course Updates page for additional changes that occurred after the catalog was printed.

Class Host Volunteer: Special Registration July 11-18

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been encouraging members to consider serving as a class host. Hosting duties have been modified slightly this semester. Members who serve as class hosts will still contact the presenter and assist as needed with greeting members as they arrive, handling the sign-in sheet, and introducing and thanking the presenter but the OLLI office will assume the email communication role with the class participants, both before and after class.

This special registration opportunity opens tomorrow, Wednesday, July 11 at noon and will end Wednesday, July 18 at noon. If you register for a class during this time, you are agreeing to serve as the class host. There is only ONE seat available for purchase during Host Registration. If the class you select is listed as “Full-Waitlist” then you know that someone else has agreed to serve as the class host and you can register for the class like usual when we open General Registration on July 25.

Classes that still need class hosts (as of 7/16/2018)

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