Leave a Legacy


The Leave a Legacy campaign is a planned giving program with a goal of 30  gifts in three years.

Planned Giving usually is done through one’s estate.  However, in the broadest sense, Planned Giving can encompass any situation in which a donor and the organization engage in a process if dialogue to determine how a donor might fund a program and what vehicle(s) would be best suited to the donors specific situation.

Options for the Leave a Legacy planned giving program vary widely. The UGA Foundation, which will manage the OLLI@UGA portfolio has specific policies and procedures the donor will be made aware of and consultations can be held for maximum understanding. The funds will be used for general support of OLLI@UGA. Donors can specify  how they would like their funds used.

The University of Georgia Foundation manages the endowment for the exclusive benefit of  OLLI@UGA/ Withdrawal and spending decisions are the responsibility of the OLLI@UGA Board of Directors in accordance with the provisions of the gift.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Leave a Legacy program should contact the OLLI@UGA office.