Giving to OLLI@UGA

OLLI@UGA members can participate in supporting our programs through a number of opportunities to suit every member’s ability. It is important that every member participate. The amount a member donates, while meaningful, is not as important as the number of members who do so. Some options for donating are:

    • ANNUAL CAMPAIGN – The financial mainstay of almost every successful non-profit organization, an annual fund allows an organization the fiscal security it needs to carry out its mission. OLLI@UGA is no exception.
    • LEAVE A LEGACY – Offers OLLI@UGA members a planned giving program designed to provide a variety of endowment options. There is a wide array possibilities and a confidential consultation is recommended with our OLLI Planned Giving Specialist, Melinda Thomas ( former assistant director of gift and state planning.
    • SPECIAL EVENTS – Several Special Events will be planned throughout the year. You can support these events by attending and volunteering.
    • MEMORIALS and HONOURARIA – A donation can be made to OLLI@UGA to remember someone or to honor them, whether for a birthday or another special occasion.


While we understand that the circumstances of members does vary, we do hope that you will be able to give what you can – even the smallest gift can make a difference. Money raised goes towards:

  • to raise extraordinary funds to provide and sustain quality learning opportunities for OLLI@UGA members and to serve as an asset to the greater community.
  • to maintain a level of program affordability for our members’ continued participation in an active way.
  • to continue to strengthen our relationship with the University of Georgia and the Bernard Osher Foundation.