Giving to OLLI@UGA

OLLI@UGA is fortunate to have an endowment from the Osher Foundation, operational support from the University of Georgia and the College of Education, as well as the support and time of its members.

However, the spending budget we receive from the Osher endowment only covers a quarter of our annual expenses. As a result, we must raise extra funds from membership dues, course and travel fees, and donations from members and corporate sponsors. Ninety-three percent of our expenses go towards supporting the organization’s programs.

There are three main reasons to give to OLLI@UGA:


We are all united by our love of lifelong learning. However, some of us are more fortunate than others. By donating to OLLI@UGA, we can assist members who may not have the financial capacity to engage as much as they would like. Additionally, your support will help us add more class times and locations, so more people can experience the joy of lifelong learning.


Although the College of Education provides us with some resources, there are many areas we want to improve and innovate with technology and programming. For example, we recently installed microphones in some of our classrooms, but additional funds must be raised to expand these resources to all of our meeting spaces.


OLLI@UGA has enriched the lives of countless members since it was founded in 1994. We hope to sustain this wonderful organization by providing an extensive program at the most reasonable cost. As past president of OLLI@UGA Betty Jean Craige said, “I give to OLLI@UGA because OLLI gives to folks our age the opportunity to think about things outside ourselves, to interact intellectually and socially with others, and to keep fit. OLLI has enriched my life in this way, and I want to help OLLI enrich our community.”

OLLI@UGA is a community in which you can thrive, spend more years learning outside of school, and maybe even enhance your career. No matter the size, we appreciate any gift you can give.

You can help support the organization in the following ways: