All about OLLI@UGA

During Spring Semester, we will be offering a course entitled “All About OLLI@UGA” which will be free to members.  We hope those interested in learning what makes our particular OLLI model tick in 2018 will sign up and bring their enthusiasm!

Tim and I learned about this idea at an OLLI conference and we are shamelessly stealing this idea from the University of South Florida.  Actually, they’re happy to share.  We are adapting it to our own needs with the help of our UGA College of Education intern, Kyndall Harper who is working on her Master’s degree in Learning, Leadership and Organization at UGA.

I believe this will prove to be an important course.  Our Long Range Plan addresses the need for educating and promoting leadership.  So much goes on within the inner workings of OLLI@UGA that no one person can be knowledgeable about every detail, or active in every area of our work.  This is why our professional staff is so crucial to our success.  They provide the continuity and day to day operational know-how to keep us functioning.

But we are first and foremost a membership organization and the more we all know about things like how our finances are put together, how we fit in with UGA, how our courses and Shared Interest Groups are managed and how our Board operates, the better we will be.

Because we’re human, assumptions are often made about how things are.  These assumptions are often false, and lead to misrepresentation of OLLI@UGA within the community.  This four session course will help in providing information in an organized and hopefully transparent fashion.

Find out more about:

  1. With 120 OLLIs nationwide why we are only one of five that holds non-profit status. This makes our way of doing business quite different from the other 115.
  2. How our Curriculum Committee has done such a great job that we may be skirting the limits of our resources in terms of space and staff. What’s being done to address this?
  3. Why we need to raise money and what happened when we passed a deficit budget in the past.
  4. How our Board and committees operate and what their main functions are.
  5. Why life long learning is so important to many of us and what literature supports this premise.
  6. What we, as individuals and together, can do to support, engage and enrich this organization.

Please think about signing up for this four-session course, once a week starting January 25.  We certainly don’t purport to know everything, but what we do know, we’re happy to share and we would love new faces and ideas to emerge from this endeavor as well.

Brenda Hayes

President, OLLI@UGA

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