10 Easy Steps to Hosting an OLLI Class

Make the most of your OLLI@UGA Experience  –

Volunteer as a Class Host

OLLI@UGA members give back to the organization in many ways. One is by agreeing to serve as a class host. Serving as the liaison between the OLLI office and the presenter and the presenter and the class. It’s a short-term commitment with long-term satisfaction.

  1. Email the instructor and then the class 1-2 weeks before the class begins.
  2. Arrive early for each class.
  3. Check for room number posted in glass wall case at front of River’s Crossing.
  4. Pick-up at office – slide advancer and microphone, if needed. The sign-in sheet and attached gift certificate for presenter are in file outside of office.
  5. Go to classroom – turn on lights, projector, and make sure there are enough chairs
  6. Type user name and password into computer. Plug advancer thumb drive into USB port.
  7. Ask class to sign-in on official sheet.
  8. Introduce the presenter using bio from OLLI catalog and then give the gift certificate.
  9. Thank the presenter and mention that the class will receive an email to provide feedback.
  10. Turn in sign-in sheet (and any borrowed equipment).